COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update
COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

Industrial U.I. will post up-to-date trends and news relating to unemployment insurance on a daily basis through Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, we will blog and write case studies to examine current U.I. developments more thoroughly.

We strive to deliver comprehensive material that informs and educates our readers. We are also proud to have a #SHRM18 Blogger on our staff, which you can learn more about by clicking the logo in the sidebar.


Three Ways Employers Can Help Prevent Unemployment Insurance Fraud

unemployment insurance fraud
Unemployment Insurance Fraud There are billions of extra dollars that U.S. employers must pay every year, due to unemployment insurance fraud. Employer tax rates are also higher as a direct result of fraudulent UI claims. A North Carolina woman...

Firing Employees Will Increase Your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate

Firing Employees
Firing Employees - Effects On Tax Rate Running a successful business can be challenging. What makes it even harder is when you make the decision to start firing employees who are not performing up to par. Not only does this event initiate an...

Why It’s Crucial to Respond to Unemployment Benefits Claims on Time

Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act - clock
Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act There are many reasons why an employer should carefully manage their submission of Unemployment Insurance (UI) paperwork – the most important is the heightened risk of fines and penalties. The risk of...

UI Management – Understanding the UI Benefits Appeal Process

UI Management
UI Management Employers must deal with all aspects of UI management and unemployment insurance claims – including the appeal process. In every state, the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board makes decisions on UI eligibility and contribution...

Denying Unemployment Benefits – When Are Employees Not Eligible to Collect UI Benefits?

denying unemployment benefits
Denying Unemployment Benefits Employers don’t always understand the basics about unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. It’s important to understand eligibility and when and for what reasons denying unemployment benefits is prohibited. The...

Reasons for Termination of Employment – Difference Between Poor Performance and Misconduct

reasons for termination of employment
Reasons for Termination of Employment The reasons for termination of employment can be more complex than they may initially seem. When employers choose to terminate an employee, they must be clear whether it’s for poor performance or misconduct....

Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Agency to Manage the Unemployment Insurance Process

third-party agency
The Benefits of a Third-Party Agency The unemployment insurance (UI) process can be complex and may be quite challenging for employers. It is very time consuming to have internal staff manage the UI paperwork and if any of the submission deadlines...

Industrial U.I. Shares Insights on Twitter About Unemployment Insurance Tax Laws

unemployment insurance tax laws
Industrial U.I. recently took part in an informative Twitter chat about unemployment insurance tax laws. The Twitter chat helped others develop a better understanding of how unemployment insurance tax laws can affect their business. The chat took...

Understanding More About Federal Unemployment Tax Liability

federal unemployment tax
State and Federal Unemployment Tax Unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are paid to workers when they lose their jobs, but employers are the ones who actually fund the UI benefit programs. Each state operates its own unemployment compensation...

How Unemployment Insurance Taxes Could Impact Your Business

unemployment insurance taxes
Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Your Business Understanding the complex process of unemployment insurance taxes can be difficult, but you should know how UI taxes are calculated and how it may impact your business. The UI system is funded by...
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