Remote Workforce In Another State? Taxes May Get Harder For Some Companies

working remote in another state taxes
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In today’s post-pandemic workforce, many employers have either allowed their workforce to remain remote or have begun hiring more geographically diverse employees and allowing them to work virtually on a permanent basis.  During the pandemic, the...

Management Training Programs

management training programs
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Our Management Training Programs Employers will be able to prevent unnecessary unemployment insurance costs if they are familiar with the various components of the unemployment insurance process. It is best for human resource professionals of...

Employee Dismissal Procedure – Six Ways Employers Can Prepare for Disciplinary Action or Termination

employee dismissal procedure
Employee Dismissal Procedure Remaining compliant with current employment laws is crucial when dealing with the employee dismissal procedure. It’s essential that you document the employee’s behavior and actions to ensure that you will not face...

Did You Know There are Three Types of Misconduct in NJ?

types of misconduct
3 Types of Misconduct *There have been recent changes to the NJ State Law regarding UI misconduct. See our updated article on misconduct in NJ here. According to the State of NJ Department of Labor, there are three types of misconduct that could...

Know How the Final Incident Can Impact Your UI Case

ui case
Final Incident and Your UI Case When dealing with the employee termination process and eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, employers should know that documenting everything is key – especially the final incident. The very last event...

Employee Complaints – Avoid Disaster by Proper Documentation

employee complaints
Employee Complaints It’s crucial that employers take employee complaints seriously and conduct prompt investigations whenever they occur. When employees have any type of complaint, proper documentation could mean the difference between winning...

How Video Evidence Helps You at Unemployment Insurance Hearings

video evidence
Video Evidence Digital video technology has helped to advance just about every industry. Employers have now seen the value of having video cameras for security and surveillance purposes, but there is another advantage they have that is often...

An Employer’s Guide to Handling an Employee’s Termination Procedure

employee termination procedure
Employee Termination Procedure Terminating an employee is never easy and most often it’s a manager’s most difficult responsibility, but regardless, employers should have an employee termination procedure in place. Terminations that are...

Employers Should Build a Solid Unemployment Insurance Compliance Strategy

insurance compliance
Unemployment Insurance Compliance Strategy In today’s business environment, employers will face a variety of risks – especially when they’re faced with the unemployment insurance compliance process. To protect against these risks, every...

Employers Should Know What a Prevailing Wage Is About

new york state prevailing wage
New York State Prevailing Wage Overview “Prevailing wages” are established and updated annually by the State Departments of Labor, based on the findings of the semi-annual Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey of employers.  The New...
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