Milly / Director, Human Resources

In addition to IUI’s unemployment insurance services, we want to thank you for partnering with us in updating our employee handbook.  With all the changes in labor laws, the environment, a post-Covid workplace and other factors, we were seeking a consultant who would be able to provide us with guidance, support and, of course, a professional and friendly relationship.  Thank you for doing all of the above and then some.  Your knowledge of state and federal labor laws, and your experience in the Human Resources sphere gave us a solid product, one that will be shared with 500+ staff.  It was also very helpful for us to have a sounding board where we could look at several scenarios, discuss the best approach, and set up best practices.

Susan / Sr. Regional Human Resources Manager

The Industrial U.I. Staff is friendly, personable and knowledgeable. Each staff member treats you with undivided attention, like you are their top client. The Industrial U.I. Service is superior in their expertise of unemployment claims, hearings and the appeal process. They fight energetically for our company and have provided a high percentage of wins. I would certainly recommend Industrial U.I. Services, they have exceeded my expectations and go the extra mile in educating our staff in the unemployment process.

Peter / Corporate Director of Labor Relations for large health care organization

I have been working with the staff at Industrial U.I. Services since 1985, while employed in Human Resources at several health care organizations. Although the staff members handling unemployment claims have changed over all these years, Industrial U.I. has consistently provided competent and professional services. Everyone at Industrial U.I. is well versed in the details of unemployment law, extremely prompt in answering questions, and a pleasure to deal with. They also produce positive results; Industrial U.I. has clearly saved the organizations I have worked for a great deal of money due to their successes in winning unemployment hearings.

Jody / HR – Employee and Labor Relations

We are very happy with Industrial U.I.’s services. As a not-for-profit and reimbursable employer we are very focused on challenging and beating claims as often as possible. Since retaining Industrial U.I. as our vendor, the win rate for challenged claims has increased significantly, which in turn has decreased our unemployment claim expenses.

Bob / Assistant Director, Human Resources

We couldn’t be happier with the support and professionalism of the staff at Industrial U.I.. They’ve worked closely with us to provide training for our staff and to produce effective monthly cost reports for reporting to management. The representatives clearly know their stuff and are pretty successful in winning our cases before the Administrative Law Judges.

Alan / Director of Personnel

The County Government has had an ongoing business relationship with Industrial U.I. Services for over 25 years. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, competency and diligence demonstrated by the entire staff, led by president, Mark Swartz. It is a pleasure to work with them as they possess excellent communication skills, conduct thorough investigations and vigorously pursue all our unemployment cases. We are confident that our unemployment cases are being handled in the most efficient manner possible, saving the county a substantial amount of money, which is vital especially in these difficult economic times. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

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