Industrial U.I. consists of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals with principals who are fully invested in the daily operations of the business. You can reach any representative – they are easily accessible by phone and email and can help you process each claim efficiently. Industrial U.I. takes a “hands-on” approach to each claim and each client, and the company goes a step further by offering the following services:

  • Hearing representatives: Industrial U.I’s experienced hearing representatives are supervised by an attorney and prepare each unemployment case in advance by talking to witnesses and obtaining proper documents, and then they advocate effectively before the Administrative Law Judges
  • 24/7 Access: Clients are able to access their account on the company website to get critical information concerning their unemployment insurance claims
  • Knowledgeable Staff: The Industrial U.I. team reviews all charges to your account to ensure that only those claimants entitled to collect benefits actually collect, and that you receive all appropriate credits in a timely manner
  • Management Training: Industrial U.I. will customize a training program to help train your staff, either in-person, by video, audio conference or any other means
  • Timely Responses: Industrial U.I. provides efficient responses to UI claims to make sure that you receive the maximum credits possible and that your charges are at a minimum
  • Administrative Support: Initial UI claims are sent directly to your Industrial U.I. account (in most states), thereby reducing the administrative burden and involvement of your staff
  • Customized Reports: Meaningful information collected in easy to digest reports that meet your business needs
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