COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

Industrial U.I. represents its clients at all unemployment hearings, but it is essential that clients participate in unemployment hearings. When participating in unemployment hearings related to a termination of employment, the burden of proof is on the employer to prove the “final incident that led to termination” together with all other facts leading to the decision to discharge.

Industrial U.I. representatives will prepare the appropriate witnesses from the employer who have ‘first-hand knowledge’ of the events that led to an employee’s termination. A representative from Industrial U.I. will also attend the unemployment hearings to assure that all appropriate evidence is introduced and that the claimant is  properly cross examined.

After a hearing, a decision is issued and the adverse party has an opportunity to appeal the decision. An appeal is a written statement further arguing the facts of the case. It is important that all information pertaining to the claim be presented at the unemployment hearing, as new evidence cannot be used at the appeal level that was not brought up at the hearing. The testimony and arguments brought up during the proceeding are reviewed and expanded upon, using precedent cases to bolster the employer’s position when needed.


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