Separation After Final Lateness

Category / Absenteeism

Proper Management Avoids Disastrous Results

Category / Management
A not-for-profit employer services terminally ill patients by providing hospice care in the person’s home. The organization has multiple employees who care for the person and congregate weekly to discuss the patient and ensure continuity of care

Mishandling of Acquisitions by Companies

Category / Company Aquisition
A New York based company purchased another New York based company and merged the employees onto its payroll without advising the state of the acquisition. The problem was that they had a very good unemployment insurance tax rate (3.4%) and the

Failure to Comply with Company Policy

Category / Final Incident
An employee fails to follow an employer’s disciplinary

The Final Incident is Key!

Category / Final Incident
When an employer discharges an employee who then files for an unemployment claim, the employer needs to indicate the final incident that caused termination to the Department of

Job Refusal

Category / Job Refusal
A home health aide refused an assignment located in New York City because it was too far to travel for $9.00 an hour. The employer, a premier provider of home care in New York, offered the employee this assignment for a specific reason. The employee

Use of video evidence at hearings

Category / Correct Evidence
In today’s workplace, the use of video cameras for security and surveillance purposes has become more commonplace. Video evidence is also becoming more prevalent in unemployment insurance hearings. A recent case highlights how video
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