With state and federal laws changing often, businesses may fall behind on compliance requirements. In addition, the HR team is busy interviewing new hires and managing the day-to-day needs of employees and may not have time to be experts in local compliance.

IUI takes all the burden off your team by guiding you on the necessary documentation and keeping up with compliance changes, so you don’t need to. We also perform routine compliance audits as required or if your team simply wants to know where you stand.

Speak with one of our HR specialists to find out how we can support your compliance needs.

FMLA Compliance

FMLA laws vary from state to state and based on employee eligibility. Finding the right information and then turning it into company policies can be challenging. Then, your HR teams need to answer your employees’ questions.

Be confident you have the correct answers and policies in place with compliance support from IUI.

Compliance Documentation

To protect the privacy of your employees, you must follow specific practices for collecting and storing employment documentation. With checklists and guidance, you no longer need to worry about which files should be locked away and whether you collected the proper signatures.

We’re ready to help keep you compliant.

Regular Compliance Audits

Not sure where you stand? We can start with a compliance audit to determine how your existing practices meet the local laws and regulations. In addition, some states require scheduled audits to keep you up-to-date, and we can be the third-party that performs those audits when you need them.

On-boarding, Off-boarding, and Termination

Hiring and termination practices introduce many compliance requirements and policy developments. For example, you may require written warnings or documented training before termination or account for health insurance when someone joins and leaves the company. With many different elements involved, your day-to-day interactions need to match your policies.

Make sure you’re compliant and working under the best practices by working with our HR Support Services.