COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

While Industrial U.I. uses Twitter and other social media to send out brief updates, this information can be fully explained in the e-Newsletter. Here, readers will be informed of current unemployment insurance trends and news in a more comprehensive manner than is generally available on social media. The Industrial U.I. e-Newsletter contains articles written by our knowledgeable staff providing up-to-date information regarding unemployment coverage.

Unemployment law and procedures constantly change, so client awareness is essential in order to get the most favorable results. For example, legislation changes from time to time which can affect the benefit eligibility of particular claimants so employers need to assess whether to challenge a claim. Many states also continuously revise their unemployment hearing procedures, giving employers very little lead time before implementation. UI claim trends indicate the level of responsiveness that can be expected from the state on certain issues. Clients can expect Industrial U.I.’s information-packed e-Newsletters featuring these latest trends and figures.

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