Management Training Program

The most effective way to prevent unnecessary unemployment claims is for the employer to properly understand the unemployment insurance system. Management must know the proper procedures on how to discipline/terminate employees while human resources professionals need to know what factors must be considered to ensure a strong UI case.

Industrial U.I. conducts a management training program, at no additional cost for management and human resources staff. The management training program aims to teach:

  • Proper use of progressive discipline
  • Importance of the “final incident”
  • Correct utilization of company rules, policies, and regulations
  • Unemployment Insurance definitions such as: misconduct, voluntary leaving of employment without good cause
  • Financial impact of unemployment benefits and charges.

Industrial U.I. teaches the HR staff how the UI process works, and the importance of timely and accurate responses to the state agencies.

Understanding UI Law

Employers need to understand the legal definition of “poor work performance” and how it is different under the UI law from “misconduct.” When an employer terminates an employee for poor work performance, the state interprets that information as a bad hire. In other words, the employee tried as hard as they could but they did not reach the employer’s level of expectations.

This is acceptable if that is truly what the employer means. However, if the employer means that the claimant, for example, consistently came in late or violated known policies after having been warned of similar infractions, then the employer must be careful not to say it terminated the claimant for poor work performance. The employer also needs to focus on the correct final incident, as that is the most important variable in determining a claimant’s eligibility for benefits.

Quite often, employees commit multiple infractions, but usually the matter boils down to one event which is the final incident that the UI case will hinge on.

Unemployment legislation constantly evolves and there are a variety of new interpretations. Even the most experienced managers and HR professionals need to periodically refresh their knowledge to stay current. Since each state handles the administration of the law differently, it is important to participate in state-specific training. Industrial U.I. offers this management training program via Webinar and tailors training programs to the industry of its clients.

Staffing firms face different situations than other employers and thus require different training. Industrial U.I. can provide training to specifically address these industry specific needs. Often, after the termination, the UI hearing is the first of several forums where the issue will be adjudicated. Understanding how the UI process works and integrates with other pending matters can affect the manner in which the UI case is presented. Everyone needs to be aware of these interactions so that the company can protect itself in every area.

Since Industrial U.I. considers this management training program vital to the success of the employer, it provides this service at no additional cost Industrial U.I. is the only third-party unemployment specialist that provides this thoroughly inclusive service.

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