COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update
COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

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It’s Essential To Be Prepared For An Unemployment Insurance Hearing

It’s Essential To be Prepared For An Unemployment Insurance Hearing There are several stages to the unemployment insurance claims process. These include claims processing and submissions, protests of charges and determinations, participation in...

How Often Do Employers Win Unemployment Appeals?

how often do employers win unemployment appeals
How Often Do Employers Win Unemployment Appeals? It Depends On The Representation Like the unemployment insurance process itself, answering the question of "how often do employers win unemployment appeals" is complicated. What we can tell you...

Reasons for Dismissal – Best Practices for Employers to Avoid UI Claims

reasons for dismissal
Reasons For Dismissal For employers, the decision to terminate an employee is not an easy one. Depending on the situation, an employee’s termination could come with the risk of facing an unemployment hearing. Of course, there’s not a guarantee,...

How Video Surveillance Evidence Can Support Your Unemployment Insurance Hearing

video surveillance evidence
Video Surveillance Evidence For many years now, the use of video cameras for security or surveillance purposes has become essential to the judicial system. Using video surveillance evidence can also be an advantage for unemployment insurance (UI)...

First-Hand Testimony is Crucial to Winning an Unemployment Hearing

first-hand testimony
First-Hand Testimony At one time or another, a business owner may face an unemployment insurance hearing, such as an employer contesting unemployment. In order to prove that a former employee should not qualify for unemployment insurance (UI)...

The Differences Between An In-Person and Telephone Court Hearing

telephone court hearing
In-Person or Telephone Court Hearing? When it comes to the unemployment hearing process, there are two main ways the claimant and employer can participate: in-person and over the phone (telephone court hearing).  There are advantages and...

Understanding the Unemployment Hearing Process

unemployment hearing process
Unemployment Hearing Process At one time or another, employers may be faced with attending an Unemployment Insurance (UI) hearing. These unemployment hearings are designed to handle UI disputes and they are used to determine eligibility of UI...
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