Month: May 2018

Nonprofit Organizations Should Know About Benefit Reimbursement Accounts

benefit reimbursement
Benefit Reimbursement Employers know that they must pay contributions to fund unemployment insurance (UI). Paying unemployment insurance taxes based on taxable payroll and prior UI experience generally does this.  However, there is another option...

Focus – Align – Transform

HR Event
Attending the 2018 NYC SHRM Conference on April 27th, 2018 was a great experience.  The conference concentrated on three-core elements, Focus – Align – Transform.  HR was surely at its best!  This was an event that certainly was not worth...

Employer Unemployment Costs – The Financial Impact of Unemployment Claims on Employers

employer unemployment costs
Employer Unemployment Costs The Unemployment Insurance (UI) process is run and funded by state (SUTA) and federal (FUTA) taxes that are paid by the employers. Every employer should be familiar with employer unemployment costs and that they must...

How Video Surveillance Evidence Can Support Your Unemployment Insurance Hearing

video surveillance evidence
Video Surveillance Evidence For many years now, the use of video cameras for security or surveillance purposes has become essential to the judicial system. Using video surveillance evidence can also be an advantage for unemployment insurance (UI)...
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