When you design a custom HR Support package from IUI, you can choose from a large variety of trainings to meet the requirements in your area. Several of our courses are interactive and offer real-time feedback to your questions, while others are pre-recorded resources as you need them.

When you call us for support, you speak with a real person who has the answers to your questions. Schedule a call with one of our HR Specialists to select the trainings you need for your company

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Anti-Harassment Training

The Anti-Harassment training from IUI demonstrates guidelines for interactions between coworkers, vendors, and even for bystanders who observe harassment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings are often required by the state but have many benefits for every team. Learn more about our program and call today to customize your training.

Management Training

Our management trainings teach the best practices for team supervisors to maintain company policies and create a safe work environment. Choose the right training today!

At IUI, we offer a range of trainings in English and Spanish you can share with your team to access and train according to your schedule. These online solutions do not require scheduling with our instructors, so they’re completely flexible and customizable.