COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update
COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

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It’s Essential To Be Prepared For An Unemployment Insurance Hearing

It’s Essential To be Prepared For An Unemployment Insurance Hearing There are several stages to the unemployment insurance claims process. These include claims processing and submissions, protests of charges and determinations, participation in...

IUI | Third-Party Administrators

third-party administrators
Third-party Administrators Unemployment insurance claims can be complicated. A third-party administrator, however, will be able to optimize unemployment claims management. This is great news for businesses, because oversights or mistakes can result...

Top Five Reasons to Outsource Unemployment Claims

outsource unemployment
Outsource Unemployment Claims For most employers, managing unemployment insurance (UI) claims can be an extraordinary challenge. Even national employers who have a dedicated staff to facilitate UI paperwork don’t always understand the nuances of...

UI Management – Understanding the UI Benefits Appeal Process

UI Management
UI Management Employers must deal with all aspects of UI management and unemployment insurance claims – including the appeal process. In every state, the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board makes decisions on UI eligibility and contribution...

Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Agency to Manage the Unemployment Insurance Process

third-party agency
The Benefits of a Third-Party Agency The unemployment insurance (UI) process can be complex and may be quite challenging for employers. It is very time consuming to have internal staff manage the UI paperwork and if any of the submission deadlines...

Advantages of Having a Third Party Serve as Your Address of Record

address of record
Address of Record With the complex nature of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) process, there are many reasons why having a third party, registered agent as your company’s address of record is beneficial. It may seem unnecessary to the average...
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