SHRM18, a diverse perspective

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SHRM 18 Attending SHRM18 will be an experience that I will never forget. In the middle of January, I received an email from SHRM inviting me to attend the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference being held in Chicago as a blogger.  I had tremendous support by...

Employee Dismissal Procedure – Six Ways Employers Can Prepare for Disciplinary Action or Termination

employee dismissal procedure
Employee Dismissal Procedure Remaining compliant with current employment laws is crucial when dealing with the employee dismissal procedure. It’s essential that you document the employee’s behavior and actions to ensure that you will not face...

Reasons for Dismissal – Best Practices for Employers to Avoid UI Claims

reasons for dismissal
Reasons For Dismissal For employers, the decision to terminate an employee is not an easy one. Depending on the situation, an employee’s termination could come with the risk of facing an unemployment hearing. Of course, there’s not a guarantee,...
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