COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

Unemployment Insurance Audit to Ensure Proper Charging

The first thing that Industrial U.I. does when it begins working with a new client is an unemployment insurance audit on the client’s current charges, tax-structure, policies and practices. Having been in business since 1968, Industrial U.I. is uniquely positioned to leverage that experience to help its clients develop a best practices approach to contesting UI claims. It is a critical first step in the relationship and Industrial U.I. takes the role very seriously.

Once Industrial U.I. determines that the people collecting benefits are either correctly doing so, or the time period to protest has elapsed, and that the policies and procedures are sound, then the next phase of the unemployment insurance audit begins: A constant unemployment insurance audit of the account to ensure that only qualified claimants collect benefits.

Once a claim is filed and contested then the State works though its process of determining eligibility. Industrial U.I. keeps track of this progress and follows up with the State as necessary. There is another opportunity to protest a claimant’s collection of benefits – from managing the “charges” that the state sends Industrial U.I.

Each state has its own time frame ranging from weekly (Wisconsin or NJ), to annually (California) and everywhere in between. By thoroughly reviewing these Notices of Benefit Charges, Industrial U.I. can ensure only qualified claimants are collecting and that nobody has “slipped through the cracks.” It is certainly possible that Industrial U.I. or the employer failed to receive a claim that the state mailed. The employer has the right to protest based on the charges and argue that it hadn’t received the claim and launch a legitimate protest at that point.

Once the Notice of Benefit Charges gets imported into the database, Industrial U.I. is able to match up the claimants who are collecting with those who have filed claims and ensure that only the proper claimants are collecting.

Every client is given a unique user name and secure password into Industrial U.I.’s web portal, which is a window into the proprietary database. From that point on, clients can access the web portal 24/7  to view reports that provide useful information, such as who has filed claims and who has collected benefits.

Industrial U.I. takes a two-pronged approach to the unemployment insurance audit. The “proactive” step is by timely protesting the initial claim with all necessary documents and the “reactive” step is to monitor the charges and challenge those people who are collecting a credit for erroneous charges. Each state may make mistakes by charging the incorrect employers or by charging too many weeks of benefits. By constantly monitoring the benefit charges, Industrial U.I. is able to recoup that money.

Since every state has different requirements to determine eligibility, the claimant’s benefit rate, deadlines to protest, frequency of benefit charges notifications, etc., it is imperative that companies work with a Third-Party Administrator like Industrial U.I. who has clients in every state of the country and is well versed on all the differences. Industrial U.I. assigns a dedicated representative to each client and that representative will have familiarity with each claimant and will know when something improper has occurred, and will take timely steps to rectify the matter.

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