COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

Industrial U.I. provides hands-on expertise and assistance related to all aspects of its client’s relationship with the Department of Labor. Working with Industrial U.I. gives you access to the latest state employment reporting information which is available through remote web entry with individual security.

Industrial U.I. experts deliver timely completion and response of documentation and collaborate with your human resources managers to ensure thorough and accurate information. This documentation is both received from the states and distributed electronically when available to expedite processes while ensuring accuracy.

Industrial U.I. offers experienced unemployment hearing representation to guide and represent our clients. Representation at a claim hearing is a value-added service, not an additional cost-added service. The knowledgeable staff at Industrial U.I. has experience handling cases in various states on all unemployment insurance issues and will work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome.

Industrial U.I. also provides a management training program to both new individuals to the system and seasoned employees. Sessions led by seasoned individual direct course information towards the specific needs of the organization. The knowledge of proper procedure to discipline and terminate employees is essential to building a strong unemployment case. Training and communication of these employment procedures prove invaluable to both Human Resource professionals and management staff.

For ‘for-profit’ employers, it is important that their unemployment tax rates be reviewed yearly. Industrial U.I. provides the expertise and unemployment tax services needed to make sure our clients pay the best rate possible. Another aspect of the unemployment tax services is also a calculation given to determine if a voluntary contribution is available to lower rates on a yearly basis.

When companies merge or acquire businesses, implications always follow on the unemployment side. Industrial U.I.’s clients can consult with representatives ensure that all scenarios are taken into consideration when going through a transfer of business.

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