Has your company grown faster than expected? Are the new HR requirements confusing and time-consuming?

When you need the expertise to develop your employee handbook, document terminations, establish hiring procedures, or anything HR-related, you’ll receive attentive service customized to your needs from IUI.

IUI’s HR Support Services Team can answer all your questions and keep you informed of any changes. Through our partnership, you will have a great resource to ask questions, talk through your issues, and advise on HR best practices before making changes.

We’ve built a respected reputation in the industry, so we’re the first to know when a new regulation is coming down the line from government agencies. We get to know your company, so updates align with other policies and meet your overall goals.

When you work with IUI, you’ll have the information you need to clearly answer employee questions and feel confident in your HR practice.

Explore Our HR Support Services

If your company doesn’t have a full-time HR department, or maybe you need some additional support and guidance, IUI can fill in the gaps with HR Support Services customized to your business needs.

Policy Development & Employee Handbook Development: You’ll no longer wonder if your handbook is up-to-date or contains best practices for your industry. Work with our HR experts to make sure your company is protected, and your employees are well-informed.

Documenting Employee Corrective Discipline: With checklists and trainings, you can be confident in the policies for written warnings and other disciplinary actions. 

Conducting Workplace Investigations: If you need a third-party to investigate a dispute, IUI has the experts to help you resolve the situation.

Ongoing updates and guidance: When you call IUI for HR Support, a real person answers the phone and quickly answers your questions. If we don’t have the answer, we typically respond by the next day. 

Compliance: From FMLA to audits and terminations, IUI has the specialists to keep you in compliance year after year. 

HR forms and documents: Make sure your employees have completed the correct forms with checklists and easy access to required documents.

Trainings: Gain access to a wide range of trainings in everything from management best practices, FMLA, anti-harassment, mental health, ADA compliance, conflict resolution, and even Microsoft Excel. 

Unemployment Insurance claim portal: We are unemployment insurance experts. Work with IUI to track your claims and check your status at any time.

At IUI, we see your success as our success. Our family-run business understands the complexity and importance of properly documented HR policies. With our team on your side, you’ll have everything you need to handle employee questions smoothly, or you can allow us to take over complete portions of your HR process. Contact us today to get your HR questions answered.