COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

The unemployment insurance (UI) process is complex, but it begins when a UI claimant (former employee) files a claim with the state. Employers who employed that claimant during the applicable “base period” will receive a ui claims form for that employee. It is crucial to respond to these ui claims immediately, as all states impose financial penalties on employers who miss the deadline.

If ui claims are not returned in a timely fashion the employer may stand to lose significant amounts of money by paying unemployment insurance benefits to unqualified claimants.

Industrial U.I. becomes the “address of record” for its clients and will receive the ui claims directly from each state. Industrial U.I. takes control of the complex ui claims process and acts as an intermediary to ensure that the employer meets its response deadline and “complete and correct” information is provided. A representative from Industrial U.I. is assigned to each client to ensure continuity.

The goal is to make the entire process as efficient and effective as possible. Industrial U.I.’s support team will be able to streamline communication, provide the necessary tools for information transfer and track deadlines for its clients.


Unwarranted UI Claims

In order to protest an unwarranted claim, Industrial U.I. will need additional documentation from the employer such as termination notices, warnings, witness statements, etc. Industrial U.I.’s dedicated representatives will advise the employer what is needed and provide the necessary deadlines to ensure compliance.

Once Industrial U.I. returns the claim, there is usually interaction with the Department of Labor as the investigation into the claimant’s eligibility is conducted. Industrial U.I. may have all the information it needs, or may connect with the employer as necessary to obtain additional information. A determination is reached on that claimant’s eligibility by the state. Whichever party disagrees with that determination has the right to appeal by requesting a hearing.

If the claim is not returned in a timely fashion, or at all, the employer may  lose a significant amount by paying UI benefits to unqualified claimants. Attention to detail at each step in the process ensures that an employer pays benefits only to those claimants entitled to benefits. Industrial U.I. ensures that is exactly what happens for its clients.

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