COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update
COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

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How the UI World Has Been Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The unemployment landscape has changed over the past year.  Federal programs provided assistance to both individuals and employers.  States had to adapt these programs while keeping up with the immediate need for the unemployment systems to...

Nonprofit Organizations Should Know About Benefit Reimbursement Accounts

benefit reimbursement
Benefit Reimbursement Employers know that they must pay contributions to fund unemployment insurance (UI). Paying unemployment insurance taxes based on taxable payroll and prior UI experience generally does this.  However, there is another option...

Top Five Reasons to Outsource Unemployment Claims

outsource unemployment
Outsource Unemployment Claims For most employers, managing unemployment insurance (UI) claims can be an extraordinary challenge. Even national employers who have a dedicated staff to facilitate UI paperwork don’t always understand the nuances of...

Did You Know There are Three Types of Misconduct in NJ?

types of misconduct
3 Types of Misconduct *There have been recent changes to the NJ State Law regarding UI misconduct. See our updated article on misconduct in NJ here. According to the State of NJ Department of Labor, there are three types of misconduct that could...

Know How the Final Incident Can Impact Your UI Case

ui case
Final Incident and Your UI Case When dealing with the employee termination process and eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, employers should know that documenting everything is key – especially the final incident. The very last event...

Why It’s Crucial to Respond to Unemployment Benefits Claims on Time

Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act - clock
Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act There are many reasons why an employer should carefully manage their submission of Unemployment Insurance (UI) paperwork – the most important is the heightened risk of fines and penalties. The risk of...

UI Management – Understanding the UI Benefits Appeal Process

UI Management
UI Management Employers must deal with all aspects of UI management and unemployment insurance claims – including the appeal process. In every state, the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board makes decisions on UI eligibility and contribution...

Denying Unemployment Benefits – When Are Employees Not Eligible to Collect UI Benefits?

denying unemployment benefits
Denying Unemployment Benefits Employers don’t always understand the basics about unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. It’s important to understand eligibility and when and for what reasons denying unemployment benefits is prohibited. The...
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