Is Your Organization Prepared for a Recession?

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Who handles your unemployment claims? Are you prepared for a potential 30% increase in UI claims volume? If the unemployment rate increases as expected during the pending recession, your UI claims and financial exposure can increase significantly....

Employers Should Know What a Prevailing Wage Is About

new york state prevailing wage
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New York State Prevailing Wage Overview “Prevailing wages” are established and updated annually by the State Departments of Labor, based on the findings of the semi-annual Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey of employers.  The New...

Firing an Employee Without Warning Can Affect Unemployment Insurance

firing an employee
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Firing An Employee Firing an employee is one of the most difficult tasks for employers. Even if you’ve already been through it before, there are so many steps to remember – especially when you also have to consider how unemployment insurance...

It’s Essential for Employers to Respond to Unemployment Insurance Claims

Response Tips for Unemployment Insurance Claims
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Unemployment Insurance Claims The UI process is complicated for all parties involved. Although states have recently published detailed handbooks on how to proceed, employers are often unaware of the implications they’ll face if they don’t...
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