Voluntary Separations (Resignations): How to Handle

Voluntary Separations
Category / Leaving Work
Voluntary Separations Employment relationships can end in many different ways, including via discharge, layoff, or resignation, and the unemployment insurance (UI) terminology used to define the end of an employment relationship can be confusing....

Should an Employer Contest an Employee’s Unemployment Claim?

unemployment costs
Unemployment Costs There are a few reasons why an employee who has been terminated may not receive their unemployment insurance (UI) benefits (see our article on denying unemployment benefits). It mostly depends upon the circumstances surrounding...

Voluntarily Quit a Job? How It Can Impact UI Benefit Eligibility

voluntarily quit
Voluntarily Quit - UI Impact Every employer should understand that each state has its own laws regarding unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. When it comes to an employee who has voluntarily quit, each state is different in determining benefit...
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