A Culture of Learning and Development is Critical to Retention

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A Culture of Learning and Development is Critical to Retention

A culture of learning and development is critical to retention, according to a MIT Technology Review report from September 2022.  Reports have suggested that in response to an unprecedented talent market, a culture of learning and development is a way to keep workers on board.  Continuous reports stress that managers need better training.  It is Industrial U.I. Services (IUI) experience that training programs should be tailored purposefully to the managerial role and be aligned with departmental business goals.

We can help you!  The IUI HR Support Services team can answer all your questions and keep you informed of any changes. Through our partnership, you will have a great resource to ask questions, talk through your issues, and advise on HR best practices.  We’ll give you a wide range of customizable training in everything from management best practices, FMLA, anti-harassment, mental health, ADA compliance, conflict resolution, and even Microsoft Excel, and much more.


We work closely with your team to understand your exact needs and provide effective training, allowing you to create a safe, productive workplace for your employees while intentionally protecting your company from liability. With Anti-Harassment Trainings from IUI, you do just that. Here’s what we include:

·         Guidance on anti-harassment policies and handbook requirements
·         Supervisor training, in addition to the annual company-wide training
·         Programs available based on state requirements


The customized training from IUI features informative modules and required elements to manage diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives throughout the organization:

·         Allows for open interaction between colleagues
·         Having difficult conversations and managing diversity discussions at work
·         How to measure your diversity initiatives
·         Implementing effective, inclusive communication


Make sure your managers follow best practices that provide a safe and healthy work environment while protecting your company. When employees feel safe and see a clear path for conflict resolution, you will have lower turnover and better engagement within a department.

It is important to be strategic when facilitating training, such as effective time management and not cramming everything all at once.  But how does an organization equip its employees with learning and development, when there are signs of burnout.  As reports indicate, signs of burnout have increased dramatically since 2020.  A recent study indicated that about 40% of US workers feel stress or anxiety about going to work because they have first-time managers who seem unprepared to take on a leadership role.

Training programs should encourage accountability and a culture of continuous improvement and learning.  Additionally, training should be integrated into the organizational culture, with opportunities for new managers to implement skills on the job and receive constructive feedback.  Enabling managers to apply what they learn daily better supports the employees and improves overall performance.  This includes:

  • Effective training programs are associated with better team engagement
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Decision making
  • Workplace culture
  • A culture of trust and transparency

As a nationally recognized leader in Unemployment Insurance Cost Control and Human Resource Services, Industrial U.I. Services (IUI) remains committed to delivering personalized service tailored to your organization’s needs. Our staff possesses in-depth knowledge of the specific laws governing each state in which our clients operate. We’re here for you throughout the entire UI claim process, from inception to hearings and appeals. Additionally, our Human Resource services encompass employee handbook development, employee relations consultation, policy development, management training (including diversity, equity, and inclusion), anti-harassment compliance, and other essential HR support services.

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