Industrial U.I. Shares Insights on Twitter About Unemployment Insurance Tax Laws

Industrial U.I. Shares Insights on Twitter About Unemployment Insurance Tax Laws

Industrial U.I. recently took part in an informative Twitter chat about unemployment insurance tax laws. The Twitter chat helped others develop a better understanding of how unemployment insurance tax laws can affect their business. The chat took place on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 and received a great deal of response from corporate leaders and business owners.

During the chat session, the company informed users about the basics of unemployment insurance – especially that employers must pay state and federal unemployment tax in order to fund the unemployment tax system.

Another topic was, how to know if your organization should pay tax or reimburse the state dollar for dollar, and the mechanisms for properly protesting claims. Some of the more specific topics covered in the chat were:

  • Do you understand basic unemployment insurance tax laws?
  • Do you know how the IRS calculates your UI tax rate?
  • What’s the difference between being an experience rated or benefit reimbursed employer?

There were other important topics discussed. Here is a small portion of the Twitter chat:

New York City SHRM ‏@NYCSHRM 13 Dec 2016
Q6: Can a person work part time and still collect #UnemploymentInsurance? #NYCSHRMChat
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Stuart Friedman ‏@HR_STU 13 Dec 2016
Stuart Friedman Retweeted New York City SHRM
A6 – Yes they can. It depends on # of days worked & $$ earned.

In reply to New York City SHRM
Shelly Evans ‏@HRProShellE 13 Dec 2016
@NYCSHRM A6. Depends on how much they make at the part time job. #nycshrmchat
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Industrial U.I. Svcs ‏@IUIServices 13 Dec 2016
A6: Yes.  If claimant works less than 4 days in a week, they may collect partial UI benefits. #NYCSHRMChat

Click here to read the entire #nycshrmchat from December 13th.

Many business owners, organization leaders and HR professionals find that keeping track of unemployment insurance tax laws and processes to be quite frustrating. It’s wise to always consult with an expert company like Industrial U.I. to ensure your company’s bases are covered.


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