Is Your Organization Prepared for a Recession?

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Is Your Organization Prepared for a Recession?

Who handles your unemployment claims? Are you prepared for a potential 30% increase in UI claims volume? If the unemployment rate increases as expected during the pending recession, your UI claims and financial exposure can increase significantly. Is your team or current vendor equipped to handle the additional work? During tough financial times, businesses need to watch every penny they spend. With each UI claim carrying liability of up to $27K in some states, you can’t afford NOT to monitor each one.

What businesses need now is a vendor that can process claims efficiently and has a dedicated team of professionals able to assist with all the issues surrounding increased unemployment. IUI is just that team. With over 50 years of experience and the most knowledgeable team in the business, IUI is uniquely positioned to help you strategize on how to minimize costs and reduce the impact on already stretched-thin hands.

Here are a few ways Industrial U.I. can help you prepare for a recession:

  • Efficient, secure, electronic claims submissions
  • Consulting on best practices (WARN, etc)
  • Consulting on how severance and other terminal pay effects UI
  • Advice on what information needs to be given to separated employees to remain compliant in multiple jurisdictions

In addition to UI services, IUI has a team of HR-certified professionals that can assist to make sure your organization is compliant with the labor laws in the municipalities where your employees work, to help avoid making preventable mistakes that could cost your organization even more money.

A smart employer makes sure it’s prepared during good times and bad, and now is the time to make sure you’re ready. Why not be ahead of the game and beat it, before the recession hits, and the layoffs begin?

UI and HR-Certified Professionals

The knowledgeable staff at Industrial U.I. has experience handling cases in various states on all unemployment insurance issues and will work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome.

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