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Depending on the location and size of your company, you may be required to offer Anti-Harassment Training. These trainings not only discourage inappropriate behavior in the workplace but also clearly define best practices within the workplace.

Unfortunately, trainings are often overlooked or undervalued by employees and supervisors. However, when your company mishandles harassment issues, you lower productivity and increase turnover: you can’t afford those risks.

Effective trainings identify unacceptable behavior and specify the steps to address it. Your employees want to feel safe at their workplace and confident that you’ll address their complaints.

After your annual anti-harassment training, the employees at your company should understand the process while feeling protected and reassured their claims will be taken seriously.
Start by demonstrating support from the top, then put your values into practice with practical, interactive anti-harassment trainings from IUI.

Schedule Your Training

Trainings from IUI take place on-site or virtually, depending on your location and needs. Not only do we handle the training for you, but we also give you the necessary documentation to keep your company in compliance.

We work closely with your team to understand your exact needs and provide an effective training, allowing you to create a safe, productive workplace for your employees while intentionally protecting your company from liability.

With Anti-Harassment Trainings from IUI, you do just that. Here’s what we include:

  • Anti-Harassment Training virtually or in person where possible
  • Supervisor training, in addition to the annual company-wide training
  • Programs available based on state requirements
  • Industry-specific training relevant to your business, such as employee interactions with other employees or with outside vendors
  • Local laws and protections for harassment victims
  • Resources for harassment victims, including helpline numbers
  • How to report when you are a witness to harassment
  • Process for filing complaints and company procedures for resolution
  • Guidance on anti-harassment policies and handbook requirements
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