COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Update

The Employee Handbook becomes your primary resource for employee interactions. These policies guide personal time off, health care eligibility, breaks, and everything in between. Your state may mandate many of these policies based on the size of your company, but do you know if your handbook complies with those requirements?

For example, in hiring and terminations, you need clear documentation of your communication to avoid liability, and your handbook is the place to start. These policy statements must be clear and understandable for every employee, not filled with complicated terms that confuses your readers. In addition, many handbooks contain background information on the company, so new employees learn more about the legacy and expectations of the organization from day one.

Because your policies need to protect your company and your employees, IUI thinks ahead to offer guidance on everything you might need to stay compliant.

Be Confident in Your Policies

At IUI, we build relationships with government agencies and officials to ensure we’re up to date on the latest changes and requirements for handbook policies. You may feel like changes happen every few months, so we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to protect your business and provide clarity to your employees.

When your state changes a policy, or your company makes an update, you’ll need to amend at least that section and communicate it to your employees to keep them informed. With IUI as your partner, we can guide you through those policy changes, so you can confidently answer employee questions and use the policies you have in place.

When you work with IUI on your employee handbook and policy development, you’ll receive:

  • Review of your current handbook, if available, and recommendations on changes
  • Expert guidance on local requirements and policy updates
  • Tools to accept your employees’ written and electronic acknowledgment of receiving the handbook
  • Outline of all the required policies for your industry and state requirements
  • Development of policies you may not have thought of yet, such as social media posts, internet usage, disclaimers, and more

Developing your Employee Handbook requires thought, but you don’t need to make it up on your own. IUI will guide you as you put all the tools in place for an effective workplace.

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