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Whether or not your state requires DEI trainings for your company, many organizations see benefits from these courses in the long run. Businesses that don’t take harassment seriously face potential consequences with unknown costs. The payout is only one factor to consider: soon, engagement at work drops, and you’ll have difficulty holding on to your employees and finding new hires as your reputation spreads.

The more diverse and inclusive your company, the more new ideas you’ll hear, increasing the opportunities for effective collaboration. With proper DEI Management Training from IUI, your team will be able to work together better and create a better company culture for everyone, while increasing profits.

You might start a DE&I initiative for compliance reasons, but you’ll soon find your bottom line will increase by as much as 30%.

Elements of Effective DEI Trainings

Your DE&I training may be a state requirement, or it might be part of an overall diversity strategy. The customized training from IUI features informative modules and required elements to manage diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives throughout the organization:

  • Allows for open interaction between colleagues
  • Explanation of unconscious and implicit biases
  • Dealing with microaggressions
  • Having Difficult Conversations: Managing diversity discussions at work
  • Sensitivity training
  • How to measure your diversity initiatives
  • Implementing effective, inclusive communication
  • The Importance of Inclusion and Being Your Authentic Self
  • In-person or online trainings based on location and availability
  • Offered annually or as required

When you work with IUI, you’ll meet your compliance requirements while building a company that people want to work for. With a robust DE&I culture, you may lower your risk exposure for harassment claims and see results throughout the company.

Along with DE&I trainings, IUI helps your organization develop your employee handbook to capture your diversity and inclusion policies. Start working with IUI today to find out how we work with companies to reduce unemployment insurance cost and meet their HR compliance needs.

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